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By ordering this service, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

* You are submitting the equipment to Cellphone Solutions so that we may attempt to repair the full functionality of your device based on the stated problem.
*You hereby understand that there is possibilities you may lose any data that is on your device when you send it in for repair/unlocking (Please, back-up all your data files)

*We do not guarantee data stored in your phone will not be lost in the unlocking process. Please back up all important data before sending it to us.
*Unlocking procedure only guarantees the functionality of voice and text message.
*Cellphone Solutions do not guarantee that future updates will not re-lock the phone or prevent future unlocking
(Ex. updates on iphone etc.)

We are only the agent that assists you to make the unlocking possible. You are responsible for any warranty consequences that may arise as a result of unlocking.


How much will this cost?
Cellphone Solutions strives to keep costs low so that repairing your phone is a cost efficient solution.

Does the estimated price include labor?
All prices include parts and labor.

How long will the repair take?
The length of repair time is determined based on the problem with your phone. Most repairs can be completed within three days (same day repair is available for most phones). However, we will occasionally have to order parts or software for the repair. In this situation your repair may take up to 5 days. In rare circumstances the repair may take longer. A technician will call you with a quote and estimated repair time. No work will be done on your phone unless we have your authorization.

How do I pay for the repair?
Because every repair is different, we cannot take payment until the repair is completed. No work will be done on your phone unless we have your authorization. Payment for your repair will be received upon completion.

What is your warranty policy?
All non-liquid damage repairs are covered for 30-90 days. If you should find that the same problem persists after paying for the repair, we will take it in for a warranty repair free of charge. The customer must fill out a warranty repair form and submit copies of their receipts with the phone.  Introduction of any component not sold and installed/repaired by Cellphone Solutions, or alteration of the work performed in anyway by anyone other than Cellphone Solutions voids this warranty.